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Professor Erzsébet Barát

Department of English at the University of Szeged, Hungary


Seminário de 15 horas

12, 13 e 14 de Novembro de 2007

10:30 às 13:00 e 14:30 às 16:30



The seminar is designed for students interested in an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of the relationship between sexuality, desire and language use. In the academic discourse of linguistics and cultural studies as well as in the actual languages of the ‘real world’ sexuality is the site for numerous meaning-making struggles. Therefore we shall explore the ways in which meanings of sexuality are produced and contested within various communities of practice and, at the same time, the consequences and presuppositions that inform the research studying those communities. Students shall become familiar with current debates in the field of ‘lavender linguistics. We shall read the key articles on homophobia and identity that is in the focus of the research carried out in the US and the studies from the UK that are focused on the relationship between language use and desire. The two tendencies are equally informed by the aim to argue against the circularity and discriminatory assumption that "The fact that queers do ‘x’ makes ‘x’ queer". This course is prompted by the recent revival of Kinsey’s research on sexuality through the US movie and Bill Clinton’s successful claim in the court proceedings that he had no sex with Ms Lewinsky in the Oval Office.




Erzsébet Barát is a full-time associate professor of linguistics and gender studies at Szeged University and has been a visiting associate professor at Gender Studies, Central European University, Budapest, since 2000. She earned her PhD in 2000 in Linguistics, Lancaster University, UK. Her major field of research is critical discourse analysis, with a focus on the ideological investments of discourses of gender and sexuality. In September 2005 she launched the annual conference series on language and gender in Hungarian.


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